Limmud is Educational | Inspirational | Inclusive | Innovative

An innovative, inclusive festival of Jewish learning that brings people of all backgrounds together to celebrate the rich diversity of Jewish culture and heritage.

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In Hebrew, “Limmud” means “learning” – and that’s what it’s all about. We are a community that creates spaces and places so you can craft your own Jewish experience, explore your connection to Jewish ideas and traditions and meet people who share your curiosity and enthusiasm.

Limmud Toronto is a one of a kind festival celebrating all of the richness that Jewish identity can offer.

At Limmud Toronto, you can expect to be blown away by amazing presenters from a variety of backgrounds, Jewish observance, political stances, cultural beliefs and community involvement.

What type of learning and presenters can you expect? Check out last year’s schedule and presenters!

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Check out the highlights from our festival in March 2016!

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