Limmud Toronto
October 28, 2018

Festival of diverse Jewish thinking

Over 80 passionate Presenters and workshops to feed your curiosity, deepen your understanding and challenge your opinions


Limmud is for thinkers curious about new ideas and fresh perspectives. It is how people connect Jewishly with their inner selves, their local community, and to people around the world.

Anyone who participates in a Limmud experience is a “Limmudnik”.  A Limmudnik can be any age, denomination, or level of Jewish involvement. What Limmudniks share is an interest in using Jewish thought and culture as a gateway for understanding and connection.

Jewish diversity


Limmud is a global movement that celebrates diverse Jewish thinking as an active and evolving conversation.

Limmud happens today in over 90 communities in 44 countries worldwide, demonstrating the broad interest in the topics explored, as well as the wide spectrum of people taking part in the exploration.

Think globally, attend locally.


Faculty of Law
University of Toronto
78 Queen’s Park Circle
Museum Subway Station


Sunday October 28, 2018

Registration 8:30 am

Presentations  9:30 am – 6:30 pm


Experience live Jewish learning

Meet hundreds of Participants and Presenters of all ages and backgrounds

Learn about diverse and emerging issues

Challenge personal opinions

Connect to a larger movement


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