Time: 5:00-5:55 pm
Track: Rosh HaShana

We will study together traditional and contemporary commentaries on the book of Jonah, and participants will be encouraged to share their own insights and reflections. Together we will address some questions that arise from the book. Why include a book in Nevi’im – the Prophets section of the Bible, with only a 5 word prophecy in chapter 3 and why bother with the first two chapters of the book? Why include a book where non-Jews, namely the sailors and the king and other inhabitants of Ninveh, have starring and significant roles? Our discussion will lead us to answering the question of why we read this book on Yom Kippur and why it is relevant to the essence of High Holiday season, the the time of year when we focus on forgiveness, repentance, responsibility and renewal.

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