Presenter FAQ

When and where does the Limmud Toronto take place?

This year Limmud Toronto will be happening on October 28 from 9 am to 6 pm at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law Queen’s Park Circle Museum Subway station.

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How is the day-long Limmud Toronto event structured?

Around nine 50-minute sessions (to be confirmed) are offered simultaneously throughout the day with ten-minute breaks between timeslots. We encourage potential presenters to plan to have your session run between 35-45 minutes and approximately 5-15 minutes for participant questions and engagement. As a presenter you are also a participant and are able to attend the other sessions.

I want to be a presenter at Limmud.  What should I do?

First, we highly recommend reading through this entire FAQ. When the submission period begins we ask that you fill out the form. If your session is accepted, you then register and pay for the conference and provide any additional information required. On the day of the main event, please check in upon your arrival at the designated registration desk for presenters.

Why do I have to pay to attend Limmud Toronto if I’m a presenter?

One of the principles of Limmud Toronto, like other Limmuds worldwide, is that we are all participants and all volunteers. Many people give considerable amounts of time to Limmud – whether presenting, organizing, serving on a team, being a day of volunteer, etc – and we all pay to attend. Limmud Toronto, like other Limmud events worldwide, is volunteer-run and volunteer-driven. Since Limmud Toronto is a day-long conference, presenters are expected to participate in other sessions when they are not presenting.

Do I need to be located in Toronto to present?

No. Travel stipends can be provided for out-of-town presenters whose sessions have been accepted and we offer home hospitality.

What topics can I cover in my session?

You can decide – anything goes as long as there’s a Jewish link. Limmud works best if people speak about what they are passionate about. In thinking of a topic consider our Limmud values and past sessions.

Can I present more than 1 session?

Most of our presenters lead only one session in order to enable as many people as possible to speak.  You may wish to submit more than one idea in case your first topic is already being covered. It is possible that your session may not be approved for inclusion in this year’s conference due to our efforts to maintain diversity and balance in our topics, presenters, and the timing of our sessions. We will let you know if your session proposal has been accepted several months before the main event.  Please be understanding if your session is not accepted for this year – last year we had twice as many submissions as we had time slots for. We hope you’ll reapply for future Limmud Toronto events.

Can I use PowerPoint?  Can I play a video?  Will I have access to the internet?  

There is internet access throughout the venue.  Your presentation can involve tech such as a PowerPoint or video, as long as you let us know on your submission form.  We will provide projectors and screens, but no computers.  Please bring your own laptop.  We also recommend that you have all your presentation materials on a USB key that you bring to the main event. Due to limited technical resources at the venue we request that you bring any handouts or promotional materials with you – there will not be a photocopier or a printer on the premises to use.

Do I need to clear my entire presentation with Limmud?

No, we do not need to see your whole session plan. We will need your topic title (12 words max) and brief description (600 characters max) as part of your presenter submission process. We ask that you consider the diversity of the audience, which includes Jews across the demographic, religious, political, ethnic and educational spectrum.

What other information do I need to provide?

We will need a very brief biography (600 characters max) as part of the submission process. We also need to know your tech requirements.

Can I choose when to present?

It depends – while we cannot guarantee a time slot to anyone in advance we will do our best to accommodate time constraints. For constraints please advise us after you have received an acceptance letter. We try very hard to maintain diversity and balance in our topics, presenters and the timing of our sessions. Once the schedule is finalized, we will let you know when you will present your session.

Can I tell all my friends?

Of course. Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to share images and content. If you would like some guidance from our marketing team please email