Time: 5:00-5:55 pm
Track: Education

In a world where the education system of nearly every country emphasizes data driven instruction, high stakes performance by both students and teachers, and raising the bar of academic expectations, the foundation of success – mutually respectful, cooperative and harmonious relationships – has taken a back seat. This session introduces a method of education that emphasizes the importance of meaningful, human connection based on Jewish tradition in the family and in the community, and that is derived from ancient Jewish wisdom, including sagacious discernments from Baal Shem-Tov, Rabbi Akiva and Rashi commentary on the Talmud Bavli, Masechet Hulin, to name a few. Participants will learn the background of this method, which is also reinforced by modern day scientific studies and findings, and participate in an interactive workshop to experience a taste of this special and desperately needed method.

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