What is Limmud Toronto?

Limmud Toronto is a live, day-long event that combines an Expo of Jewish learning and culture in all its richness, with an amusement park for the mind of ideas and the arts.

In Hebrew, “Limmud” means “learning” – and that’s what it’s all about.

We are a community that creates a time and a place where you can craft your own Jewish experience, explore your connection to Jewish ideas and traditions, and meet people who share your curiosity and enthusiasm.

Wherever you find yourself, Limmud Toronto will take you one step further along your Jewish journey.

Our mission is informed by principles and values shared with the over 80 Limmud groups worldwide.

The range and diversity of Limmud’s topics and presenters is great.  From “Human Sexuality in the Biblical Narrative” to “The Assimilation of Hollywood’s Immigrant Jews”, from “Perspectives of a Gay Baal Teshuva” to “Current trends in Israeli popular music”, from “Mystical meaning of the Hebrew Alphabet” to “Shiksappeal and Chrismukkah: Jewish Identity at the crossroads”. What type of learning and presenters can you expect? Check out Limmud Toronto’s 2017 schedule and presenters

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