Why are we seeking volunteers?

Limmud Toronto, like all Limmud events worldwide, presents events that are completely volunteer-run and volunteer-driven.  We need YOU to help make it happen!


What does Limmud do?

Limmud Toronto is an annual day-long, innovative, inclusive festival of Jewish learning in March that embraces our core values. Approximately six sessions lasting around 45-minutes are offered simultaneously throughout the day. We also host more intimate events like “Taste of Limmud” with a couple of hours of programming or “Limmud After Dark” with a show or performance at other times throughout the year.


I want to get involved with Limmud Toronto, what can I do?

  • You can help us promote our calls for presenters and events through word of mouth, and online through sharing newsletter, Twitter posts, Facebook posts and event pages, and Instagram photos. Join our newsletter and forward information and promotions to your colleagues and community members
  • You can join one of our teams:  Programming, Logistics, Marketing, or Special Events.  See the “Join the Team” tab to learn more about each of our teams.  Then, if you still have questions or want more information, get in touch with our team chairs by emailing programming@limmud.ca, marketing@limmud.ca, logistics@limmud.ca, or specialevents@limmud.ca
  • You can offer services, products, sponsorships, and partnerships for our events – to start, email info@limmud.ca with your offer or reach out to our board members in-person. To find out more about sponsorship opportunities click here (link to sponsor page)
  • You can help us get ready for the big day on Wednesday, March 7 in the evening by printing badges, packing supplies, organizing lists, etc. Email logistics@limmud.ca for times and places – drop in or come for the whole evening
  • You can be a day-of support for our events – Email specialevents@limmud.ca for information on pitching in both Sunday afternoon on November 25, 2017 for our Taste of Limmud event. Email logistics@limmud.ca for shift information to help out on Sunday, March 11, 2017


What is day-of support and what can I expect to do?

There are lots of roles available, something for everyone! To start with, you might come early to help set up, meet and greet participants, and assist with registration. At our annual day-long event you can help serve lunch. At our annual and special events you can be a room monitor, provide AV/IT assistance to presenters, assist with the children’s program, and help with tear down at the end of the day, etc.  We will ask you which role and shift you are interested in – we will accommodate as best we can but we do ask for flexibility.  For the day-long event we do our best to schedule volunteers for no more than 3 hours, so that all volunteers have at least half of the day to enjoy Limmud programming.


I am a high school student – can I get community service hours?

Yes!  Please be sure to bring with you any form from your high school that needs to be signed.


If I am a volunteer, why do I also need to register and pay to attend Limmud?

One of the principles of Limmud Toronto, like other Limmuds worldwide, is that we are all participants and all volunteers. Many people give considerable amounts of time to LIMMUD whether presenting, organizing, serving on a team, being a day-of volunteer, etc – we all pay to attend.  That said, those who volunteer at our day-long event are not scheduled for more than 3 hours so that day-of volunteers at our annual event are able to enjoy Limmud programming for at least half of the day – we offer those volunteering for more than 3 hours a discounted rate.  Special arrangements can be made for those who cannot afford the regular price.   

High school students who are volunteering for community service hours and will not be attending sessions are not required to pay and register separately with the logistics coordinator.


Great, I’m ready to make a commitment and volunteer. How do I do it?

Click here to fill out our volunteer form, we’ll be in touch!

Still have questions? Contact our logistics coordinator.